Video Contests:
  • Winner of Incredipet's Most Talented Dog in Lexington contest
  • Finalist in Pet360’s Tricks for Treats Halloween contest
Photo Contests:
  • Winner of the Best Decked Out category #SuperDogSunday photo contest (Here)
Obedience Awards:
  • Judy Ellis Lawless Obedience Award 2012, 2013-awarded to the participant with the highest obedience score at the Kentucky State Fair 4H Dog Show. Dobby scored a perfect score two years in a row.
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Award- Dobby earned his Canine Good Citizen Award in May 2013.
  • Rally Novice title and Qualified for AKC Rally Nationals 2015- Dobby and I competed in March 2014 and earned his first RN leg. We competed again in September 2014, earing the final two legs to complete his RN title.
Agility Awards:
  • Dobby earned his NAC for NADAC's Novice Regulars agility
  • Dobby earned his NJC, O-NAC, and O-NJC in 2014

Performances and Appearances:
  • Bluegrass Classic Dog Show-We have perform twice at the Bluegrass Classic Dog Show with our drill team. We have performed 'Thriller!', 'Lion King', and 'TSO Christmas Medley' routines.
  • Lake Cumberland Kennel Club's Bow Wow Holiday-Dobby and I performed our canine freestyle routine to Glee's 'Jingle'. We also performed with our drill team in the routine 'TSO Christmas Medley'. Dobby was also asked to display his agility talents for spectators.
  • LEX18 Noon News- Dobby and I appeared on the noon edition of LEX18 after winning Incredipet's talent competition(can be viewed here)
  • Dobby and I are performing in Senior Benefit 2015
Dobby with his winnings from Incredipet!