All About Dobby

I adopted Dobby in January of 2011 and he's been spoiled rotten ever since. He was only eight months old when I got him and had lived four of those months in the shelter. When I got him he had problems with men, especially those in hats. He would submissively pee with any quick actions near him like attempting to put a leash on him. Since then he has made a complete 180. He loves just about everyone and everyone seems to love him too!

He is now registered with AKC's Canine Partner Program which allows mixed breeds to compete in companion events at AKC shows. In September of 2014, he completed the requirements to earn his Rally Novice(RN) title and qualify for AKC Rally Nationals 2015.  His official registered name is Dobby Marie CGC RN. Dobby and I also compete in North American Dog Agility Council(NADAC) agility. We began competing in November of 2013, and we have earned our NAC, NJC, O-NAC, and O-NJC!

He has taken obedience classes and now competes in Obedience, Agility, Rally and Canine Freestyle. Boy does he love to dance! Just turn on some music, grab some cheese and he's all yours. He is an advocate for our local shelter and shelter dogs around the world. Take the time to train and nurture a shelter pup and they'll make wonderful best friends!
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  1. How long do you think it took before Dobby's fearfulness turned around? Ruby was around the same age. She is a pretty skittish dog. If I drop something she dashes to the other room, and she hates plastic bags. She is not really a fan of petting, except on her inner thigh which she will lift up for you (and look like a boy dog - I'm working on getting it on cue!).

    1. It probably took about six months to get over his shyness around people(all but one of our trainers that it took about a year after we started training). Training class really helped with a lot of it as well as repetition. Dropping things took a LONG time to get over and he surprised me on the CGC by passing that part with flying colors. Gunshots and loud popping sounds like a bag filled with air still send him running.