Thursday, December 31, 2015

Meet Our Newest Addition-Impulse

This is Impulse a service dog in training who is living with us for the next 15-18 months before returning for advanced training. He was born on October 1st, and just turned 13 weeks today. He loves chasing tennis balls, chewing on everything in sight and howling like a baby basset hound. 
Dobby loves having a new playmate that is just his size. Soon Impulse will be WAY bigger than him but they'll probably still romp through the yard at the speed of light.  Impulse is adjusting well to college life and my crazy schedule including hanging in the library until 2:00 am working on projects and early morning jogs around campus. 
There should be plenty of updates in the future with all three dogs and where this service puppy journey takes us. 
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