Friday, January 23, 2015

Dobby's FINtastic Weekend

Last weekend Dobby and I competed at the RuFF Agility Frosty Paws trial. As the name suggests, it was a very cold trial in a horse arena. While the humans froze their butts off, the dogs loved running in the cold. It certainly caused most the dogs to run faster.
Dobby had a great time running! He started Saturday with a Q in Open Jumpers. I finally(with some encouragement) moved up to Open in jumpers for this trial. It was a nice challenge and kept Dobby thinking throughout the course.  He ended Saturday with four Qs-Jumpers, Regular 1, Regular 2, and Tunnelers. After his runs, I give him a little bit of a ReFUEL Bar which is an energy bar for dogs.
"Can I just eat it already?"
You may have noticed the Nemo hat in the first picture. We had a crazy hat competition at this trial and our group entered as Nemo and friends. Each of our shirts had a phrase for the character we were representing and a matching tutu. There were some wonderful hats including a giant milk carton hat(like this one), an agility course hat, and a giant pink flamingo!

The crazy hat winner!

We returned on Sunday to brave the cold in hopes of a few more Qs. Since my birthday was coming up(today actually), I took cookie cake to share and they devoured it! As for the agility, we had our ups and downs. Dobby started off the day running great but my handling was either completely wrong or my timing was off. Then as my handling improved his speed and focused declined. We finished out the weekend with 5 Qs but we had a lot of fun even if we weren't running the course right. So what if Dobby likes to take an extra jump or tunnel here and there? We're both learning and if I can't be perfect with my handling each time, then he has an excuse to not be perfect either.
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