Sunday, December 7, 2014

Day 7 of 12 Days of Dobby Approved Gifts- IQ Treat Ball

Being a  student, I'm out of the house a lot and there are very few instances when Dobby is able to go with me. I like finding things that both exercise him both mentally and physically for when I am home. Usually in between dinner and bed while I'm writing a paper or working on a lab report- I like to give him something fun to do. Insert the IQ Treat Ball from Smarter Toys.
 The IQ Treat Ball comes into two sizes depending on your dog. There are two locking halves with a disk in the middle that separates the treats from the opening. The disk has  a hole that's size can be changed to determine the difficulty. To get the treats or food out the dog must roll the ball around. When it rolls around the treats go through the hole in the disk and then goes through the outer hole.

 "I don't get it!"
Tessa hasn't quite figured the whole thing out yet, and just likes to stick her nose in the hole.
Dobby goes full out by pawing, scratching, biting and just about any other move he can come up with to get to his treats. He's also figured out that if he gets it stuck under the kitchen cabinets he can paw at it and make it come apart.
 "You better get back here!"
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  1. It's like a hamster ball, but with a hole in it. That's pretty smart. I've tried the Kong toys that you put treats in, but my dogs didn't care for them (they're too lazy lol). This looks like something they would like though.

    1. I found with toys that you stuff like Kongs the dogs stay in one place until the food is gone. The ball makes sure they're up an moving!

  2. We're adding the IQ Treat Ball to our wish list!

  3. those are always great fun - Reilly loves his puzzle ball too.