Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Day 2 of 12 Days of Dobby Approved Gifts- Scrunchie Leash

You may remember earlier this year when Dobby received a package from the folks at Scrunchie Leashes. Dobby got an Avocado Scrunchie Leash and we love it so much we included it in our gift guide!
The leashes provide all the benefits of a retractable leash without the dangerous cord. The leashes are made using eco-friendly, organic cotton and are super durable. They contain elastic which keeps the lead from getting tangled up in your dogs feet when going for walks.
The green also goes great with Dobby's coat color and his many green accessories!
 I love that I'm able to take Dobby on walks and even out to events on this lead. It's comfortable to hold onto and doesn't burn if it pulls against your hand like most nylon leads. We have the small size of the leash and it works great with both dogs. We've used the leash for almost a year now and it still looks brand new.
The lead is great for the puppy as well. She is getting the hang of walking on lead and this lead allows for her to feel what it's like to walk on lead without being as heavy/tight as a normal lead.
"Dear Santa, I want a pink one!"
You can get your own on their website www.scrunchieleash.com! The leashes come in Avocado Green, Denim, Red, Pink, Yellow and Caramel and into two sizes-Large and Small.  

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