Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 10 of 12 Days of Dobby Approved Gifts-PetBox

You've probably heard of meat of the month subscriptions or book club boxes, but have you ever thought of a subscription for your pet? PetBox is a great gift for any pet on your list. With the convenient option to send a gift through their website, it's gift-giving without all the hassle!
I chose to pack my own box for Dobby but with the monthly subscription you have the option to pick what you want or be surprised. The options include treats, toys, grooming supplies and so much more.
The plans come in one, three and twelve month increments, with sizes from snack to multiple pet sized boxes. With automated delivery, your pet can be surprised each month when the mailman comes to the door.
"What's in here?"
Just wanting to test it out? You can try the month-to-month plan which allows for you to cancel your subscription at any time!

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Day 2-
Scrunchie Leash
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Day 6- Whimzees
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Day 8- Ask Anna Book
Day 9-A Belle for Christmas
Day 10- PetBox
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