Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day 3 of BarkWorld: It's Coming to an End

I was surprised how quickly BarkWorld went! Three days didn't seem like enough time to meet and talk to all the bloggers and pet influencers there. Saturday began with K9 Fit Club Bootcamp hosted by Diane from To Dog With Love. She had a lot of exercises for us to do and all included our dogs.

Left from, Right Dobby mastering the wall sits
We did everything from jogging to wall sits. Dobby liked the stretches the best because he just had to down stay while I did all the hard work. When it came to the burpees, he thought I was signaling for him to jump over my back and he did ever time I went down.  
We had to change quickly after the class ended to get ready for the roundtables. As I mentioned before, I was selected to lead the Gen XYZ Roundtable. As facilitator I was able to share my experiences being from the younger generation of bloggers. I also learned a lot from more seasoned bloggers on engagement and how to connect with older audiences.
Tessa assisted in the discussion.
The main points from our discussion included:
  • Reaching younger people on the web using Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • Trends in the usage of specific social media sites based on age groups
  • Affectively using different lengths of articles to reach both older generations, who typically will read longer articles, and younger generations, who prefer quick reads and cute pictures.
  • Print vs Electronic engagement
After that we had lunch, at which mom won another $25 Petco giftcard. Later we got to mix up our own Honest Kitchen recipes using their wonderful dehydrated ingredients. I chose to make Dobby a turkey mix with lots of green beans and mom made a mix of beef and everything minus the spinach. (After we got home, both dogs get to try and loved both the mixes!)
Flat Tessa got to "cook" again
"What do you mean I have to wait to eat it?" Dobby wasn't too happy about waiting to eat his Honest Kitchen!

We finished off the day with closing and saying goodbye to all of our new blogging buddies! 
All the goodies we got!
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  1. I have never been. Sounds like a very amazing trip. I guess best thing to do try see what all is going on before you go and try to schedule all the things you want to do in and add any extras you can but allow for some room to play with it as things happen once you get somewhere.

  2. It looks like you, Dobby and Flat Tessa had a lot of fun!

  3. Never been to a blogging conference of any sort. I am a very lax and casual blogger, just doing it for myself mostly. :)