Monday, October 27, 2014

Honest Kitchen Halcyon Duck Recipe Review

A couple weeks ago, we won Rubicon Day's Honest Kitchen giveaway. Dobby loves just about anything you give him and I love feeding him food that not only tastes good but is good for him. We received the Halcyon Duck Recipe and we wanted to share our thoughts with you!
But first we had to take the pictures, of course! We took a little inspiration from the Ginger Sisters themselves.

I'm beginning to think Dobby definitely has Jack Russell in him! Don't you think they look alike?
I loved that the is human grade. Straight from the Honest Kitchen website:
 "At The Honest Kitchen, our human grade dog and cat foods are made from pure, clean, ingredients that are sourced responsibly, directly from human food suppliers. For example, we use the same celery that you might find in a soup or stuffing mix, and the same cranberries you’d eat yourself, in trail mix. In addition, our pet foods are actually made in a facility, and on the very same equipment, that produces human food products like breakfast cereals and bakery goods." 
 I like knowing that the food I'm feeding my dogs is the same quality as the food I would eat and that there is no by-products, preservative and wheat. Dobby on the other hand, just loves the taste. I was nervous that Dobby might not like the consistency of the food as he has never had wet food. Dobby eats a grain free kibble and Tessa eats a grain free semi-wet food( it's almost sausage like) but neither have eaten food with this consistency but both proved me wrong. While Dobby was given a few meal sized portions, Tess was given a little dabble on her normal food, as I didn't want to upset her tummy with the switch.
Look at that tongue!
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  1. So cute! We're happy Dobby and Tess liked the food!

  2. We love the Honest Kitchen as well :) Love the pictures!