Thursday, October 23, 2014

Agility Weekend

I'm so behind in my blogging but with school, teaching obedience classes, and trialing I haven't been able to keep up! October 11th and 12th we attended a NADAC trial hosted by RUFF Agility. This was our first trial since Dobby's injury over the summer and it wasn't hard to tell HE'S BACK! No more refusing to jump because it hurt or sniffing the ground aimlessly.
Prior to his injury(which we're still unsure of what happened) he was in a Q drought. We went one whole trial without a single Q and then at local show-and-go type events, I couldn't even get him to stay on the course.
Q for the weekend:
But this weekend, he was on FIRE! We brought home six Qs for the weekend out of twelve total runs. We finally got the last Q of his Novice Jumpers Title and even got a Chances Q(for those of you not in NADAC, chances is all about distance and working the dog away from you).
In the end it's not really about the Qs anyway, I'm just glad my boy is able to run and have a good time again! I was scared for a little while that he may never be able to do any agility again. Rest and relaxation goes a long way!
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