Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Puppymoon is Over

After a short blogging hiatus we've returned!
Tessa was adopted on June 20th and she came to live with us on the 22nd. We fell in love with her thanks to her wonderful foster mom aka our dog club leader, Lori. The mom and three pups came to Lori's not long after the puppies were born.

 The puppies received a lot of socialization over the couple of months they spent with their foster mom including one weekend sleepover with the drill team(14 kids and their dogs). Mom(Molly)  went back to the shelter around the first week of June and the puppies stayed in foster care until they were able to be spayed/ neutered and adopted. Molly went on the adoption floor two weeks later and was adopted the same day!  
 Another trip to dog club
 Meeting a cat

As the foster mom described Tessa- the one that GROWLED when we reached for her before she even had teeth, now wagged her tail and asked to be picked up. She mastered the tunnel, through it and ON TOP OF IT where we'd often find her sleeping. She will always want to be the leader, the boss and chooses the highest plain to rest whenever she can but she's learning to be fair in her position and will make a fine performance girl, no doubt.

Since being home she has blossomed. So far in her clicker training she has learned sit and stand. She loves to wrestle and romp with Dobby as well as shredding paper and chewing on everything she can get her mouth on. She has been a handful but has wiggled into all of our hearts.
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  1. O-M-D! What a cutie-patootie! We didn't c this post til tue-day cuz our mom haz bin havin'sum MAJOR computer problemz - still not fixed an'will likely need a new one. Can't wait tue watch Tessa grow up.
    Shiloh, Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta