Monday, April 28, 2014

A to Z:X is for eXhausted!

Some days are just too much for the furry children. Even though all he does everyday is sleep, when I'm home and there are no bunnies in the yard, Dobby can be found curled up asleep somewhere in the house. Before he can get settled he likes to spin around like most dogs. Then he uses his teeth to pull and fluff the blankets or materials around him. It's really funny to watch his whole routine.
 Sleepy dogs are happy dogs
 Agility makes for some sleepy puppies.
 Hiding from the fireworks outside
"How dare you disturb me?"
This is the best place where Dobby chooses to sleep-curled up in someone's lap.
Where does you dog like to sleep? Got any cute photos? We'd love to see your sleepy pups either in the comments or on our Facebook page.
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  1. Jack likes to fluff his bed too. He's too big for my lap though so he has a couple of different beds around the house depending on where we are.

  2. Harley scratches his bed until we tell him to go "night-night" then he flops down and looks up at us to say "thanks for playing my little game with me!"