Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A to Z: T is for Treats

In our training, treats are a major motivator. Dobby is mostly food motivated when we're in training classes(at home he is usually toy motivated because there are far less distractions), so good quality treats are very important. I try to use a variety of treats in an attempt to keep him interested.
-String Cheese
We were introduced to using cheese in our first training classes. Often dogs have lactose issues, so be sure to monitor your dog if you're going to try cheese. I also make sure to keep treating to a minimum when using cheese to avoid digestive issues.
I use a variety of Zuke's products in our training. We go trough the Mini Naturals like nobody's business. They're the perfect size for training and are easily swallowed because they are soft. Dobby loves the salmon and chicken flavors.
I also use the Power Bones which are square soft treats in our agility training. These treats are soft and you can easily tear one square into four or five pieces for training.
-Halo's Liv-A-Little Chicken treats
These treats are great for home training but I don't suggest them for on the go training. The treat is basically freeze dried chicken which with travel turns to dust. Dobby goes crazy when I break out the Liv-A-Little box! I like that the are easily visible in the grass because they are a light white color.
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  1. Harley has to stay far far away from the string cheese. He enjoys it, but I can't handle the gassy effect it has on him - Phew...