Sunday, April 20, 2014

A to Z: O is for Out

Right now in our agility training we're working towards getting "outs" or having Dobby go away from me to go over an obstacle. This skill is really important in agility classes like NADAC's Chances, a class where there is line on the ground that the handler cannot cross but the dog must in order to complete the obstacles.
Pam's Dog Training Out method
Dobby and I attempted our first round of chances at the last trial and he almost got the out jump but pulled away before he made it. We've been working this skill with the jumps we have in the backyard.
 So close!
 This is another great way to teach "out" with gates.
This skill is one that takes a lot of practice and repetition as we've found. Have you taught you dog using these methods or do you have another method that worked even better?
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