Monday, April 14, 2014

A to Z: L is for Laughing

Dobby has a way of making people laugh, myself included. He's just goofy and he uses it to the best of his ability!
When he sleeps he curls his feet under him like this which often leads to him becoming top heavy.
This trick is perhaps one of my favorites. Most dogs have to be taught this one but Dobby learned it all on his own! He definitely uses this one to get treats from anyone.
He also likes to lay on the couch like this which really makes me smile and often distracts from homework because who can write a paper when there's a dog like this in your lap?
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  1. Dobby sure makes me laugh just from a few pictures!

  2. aww dobby is so cute. I love his name too :)

  3. Dobby is so adorable!! And I, too, love his name.

  4. The beads are fantastic!!! What a terrific photo - and yes - that does inspire a laugh.