Friday, April 11, 2014

A to Z: J is for Jumpers Agility

Last weekend we received our first two Qs in jumpers! Normally the jumpers class is either the first class or the last class of the trial. When the class is at the beginning of the trial, Dobby usually spazzes on the course and takes a few victory laps. When the class is at the end of the trial, Dobby is too tired and normally walks the course. At the last trial, he would have qualified but he was over time. This time he turned it around and pulled out two Qs with one being the last class of the day! He only needs one more to get his novice jumpers title.
If you notice in the beginning of both videos, Dobby has to shake off before starting any course. He's a goofball!
The tired boy with his four Q ribbons for the weekend! He also got two more Regulars Qs toward his O-NAC.
Our crew looked snazzy in the shirts I made last week. The fronts say "The Sock CRRU!" which is our team name. The socks part represents that all of our dogs have "socks" or parts of their feet with white fur on them that look like socks. The CRRU part stands for our first initials- Claire, Rachel and Rachel.
The back of the shirt has to be my favorite part! All day people would say, "Dobby has a team? How cute!" While Dobby doesn't look too happy in the picture, he loves going to trials even if he's exhausted by the end.
Look who it is! Porter and Stout from The Brews Brothers Blog.
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  1. From someone who has tried on countless occasions to get her doodles to jump ANYTHING and fails every time, I am extremely impressed! Congratulations....