Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A to Z: H is for Happy

If you've listened to the radio lately, you've probably heard the song Happy. Here we love dancing along! If you haven't heard the song there are a few dog versions out there:
This is one of our favorites by Life in the Dog House
Another version by Pet Collective.

Dobby loves to dance along as well.  He also loves barking along because he loves being a rescue!

 Things that make Dobby happy include:
-Running like a crazy dog
-Belly rubs
-Lots and lots of treats
-Playing with his girlfriend
-Squeaking(highly annoying) squeaky toys!
-When the grandparents sneak him food
-Chasing bunnies
-Meeting new dog friends
What makes your dog happy?
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  1. Walks, playin in da pool, car rides, toys, and treats all make me HAPPY!

  2. The lyrics to Yappy make more sense to me anyway. Why would I feel like a room without a roof? I relate much more to feeling like I just gotta woof.