Saturday, April 5, 2014

A to Z: E is for Energy

Energy is something Dobby definitely has a lot of. Today we ran agility at a NADAC trial and Dobby showed off that energy! He had WAY too much this morning and went crazy in the Touch'N'Go round. He did a little better in the next round which was Regular 1 but still NQ'd.
In the next round of Regular agility, he was on fire! He smoothly completed the course with perfect weaves and contacts, scoring a Q. He was still on fire when it came time to run the jumpers course. He took every jump with no refusals and scored our first jumpers Q. 
Then came his favorite part-Tunnelers! He ran clean until the end when he decided to take an extra tunnel. He had a blast doing it and now he's crashed on the couch. Hopefully tomorrow will hold many more Qs for Team Dobby!

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  1. Hi, we found your blog via the A-Z blog hop! Our blog is also about one girl and her little dog - and we also compete in agility! It sounds as though you had a great time.

    Check us out some time? - Lots of Woofs from Earl and I at Earls World!

  2. Sorry, if you want to visit our blog, come by at :-)

  3. Good job Dobby, can't wait to hear how you did.