Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dobby's AKC Obedience Debut

I've been away from the blog for a little while because we were preparing for Dobby's first AKC show. Dobby is registered with AKC's Canine Partners program which allows All-American or mixed breed dogs to participate in many venues through AKC. This Friday was his first shot at AKC Novice Rally and Novice Obedience.
Dobby and I were the first team in the ring. He listened and did really well with the heel on lead and the figure 8 on lead. He also did perfect on the stand for exam and recall. The judge was very impressed with his recall. Then came the heel free(same heeling pattern off lead).

He started off great, but when we got close to the end he decided he would rather sniff the ground then listen. At that point we received an NQ, meaning we didn't qualify. The judge still let us return to the ring for sits and downs for practice. However, right before it was time to go in for sits and downs, a steward from the rally ring came over and said that I would need to go compete there or I wouldn't be able to at all. We booked it to the ring and gave it our best(rushed) shot!
We had a few tight leads and he had to repeat the "halt, down, around" sign because his elbows weren't completely on the ground the first time. As I was leaving the ring the judge said, "Congrats that was a qualifying score of 91!" I ran with a HUGE smile on my face back to the ring for sits and downs.

Dobby was a bit thrown off by all the confusion and broke his sit stay to sniff the poor cocker spaniel next to him. After leaving the ring, we returned to the rally ring for awards and to my surprise, we took first place!
Isn't that dumbbell adorable? We got it to practice upper level obedience skills.

After we finished our time in the ring, our crew got ice cream. Dobby knows how to use this face for evil and scored a few licks! Overall, I'm proud of his performance. He tried his best to give me what I asked for. I would rather try and fail than not try at all. I now know what he needs more practice with and what he has down pat. Hopefully, we'll finish his Novice Rally title and get our first Obedience Q soon!
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