Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Day Party

Dobby was invited to attend the Bluegrass Barkery's Valentine's Day Party and he was excited to go. I made him a bowtie with hearts on it for the occasion and we were off!
But he wasn't too happy that we had to stop at the gas station first!
As soon as we got there he had to have a piece of the wonderful cakes the Barkery had made. He decided on the biggest piece they had cut and slowly took his time to eat it! All of the bigger dogs ate their piece in one bite but Dobby decided to"savor" his piece.

After the dogs finished their cake, they got to paint. Dobby was not feeling like Picasso today! He was perfectly fine with the ladies putting the paint on his feet but when it came time to walk on the paper he was not willing to participate. So we took home this wonderful work of art which is proudly hanging on the fridge:

See the bright, pink paint on his paw? He did not like it when the lady tried to clean it off! But it didn't last long after we got home because he went romping through the snow. There was a neat kissing booth set up for photos. Dobby refused to show any affection for the photos but showered me with kisses after the camera man left!
We also picked up a present for Dobby's girlfriend while we were there.
Isn't it cute? What are you getting your dog for Valentine's Day this year?
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  1. Those cakes looks pawsomes! I don'ts know whats me and my humans wills do for Valentines Day but hopefulys something fun! And I'm rathers envious of your lovelys bowtie Dobby, you looks very handsomes.....sigh!
    your girlfriend is verys lucky to haves you.
    Big wet Valentines kisses,

    1. Dobby loves dressing up in bowties for all occasions! He wishes he could send you a cookie too but he's afraid the mailman might take it(I've tried telling him the mailman is a good person but he won't listen!). Hope you and your humans have a great Valentine's Day!