Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Puppy Bowl

Dobby is super excited to watch the Puppy Bowl today but I don't think he exactly understands what it means!
Hope you have a great Sunday rooting for your favorite team in the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet at 3pm EST. We'll be watching! Also be sure to check out the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge at 5pm EST on NBC to see the finals that took place in October.
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  1. Two of the puppies in the Puppy Bowl (Lainey and Loren) came from Ruby's rescue group!

    Dobby is so adorable.

  2. That's awesome Dobby's Most Valuable Puppy was Loren!

  3. BOL! How cute! Dobby is quite handsome :) Thanks for following on Twitter. (I'm @mypawsitivepet)

    1. We think he's pretty cute! Thanks for the follow and thanks for checking out our blog.