Monday, February 3, 2014

Scrunchie Leash Review

Over the weekend we received a cool leash from Scrunchie Leash. Needless to say, Dobby was super excited to find mail with his name on it!
He was even more excited when I opened it and asked if he wanted to go for a walk to test it out. The leash has elastic that allows for it to shrink when the dog is beside you, so that it won't get tangled under their feet. 
I like that the leash is made of strong materials and has a large handle to hold on to. The color(avocado green) matches Dobby's collar perfectly! It makes our normal walks a lot easier. Dobby often walks in heel position beside me and with the Scrunchie leash I don't have to worry about wrapping it up to keep it from dragging the ground. It also stretches to about six feet for when Dobby decides to sniff ahead. Scrunchie Leash makes two leash sizes- one for small breeds and one for large breeds. Dobby and I tried out the small breed leash.
If you want to have one for yourself, be sure to visit their website-  and use the code DobbyDeal for 10% off your order.
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*Disclaimer: I was given a Scrunchie Leash to review in exchange for a honest review*


  1. This seems like a great alternative to the Flexi-lead. I have a similar one (in a light of green, even) that has a stretchy section, but not the entire length like this one.

    1. I like that it doesn't pull your arm as bad as a Flexi and the color perfectly matches Dobby's collar!

  2. The leash itself looks kind of silly, but hey, if it works, it works! I love that it matches his collar too ;)

    - Sarah

  3. Hi Rachel!
    Apparently the Scrunchie Leash is no longer available. I had a question, since the leash is about six feet long when extended, how long is it when contracted?? I would really like to know. Also, do you know where I can get a Scrunchie Leash?
    Thank you, Jeffrey Mosher

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