Monday, February 24, 2014

#happystartshere Alpo Valentine's Day Party!

Last Saturday we hosted an Alpo Party for our wonderful dog club friends. Thanks to Alpo we had everything necessary to throw the party including Kong toys for everyone!

We decided that it would be perfect to have a Valentine's Day theme for the party as it was on the day after Valentine's Day. It was even better because all of the decorations were 1/2 off! Each person/dog brought Valentines to exchange and lots of desserts to share.

The best part of the party? The dogs sampling the food and treats Alpo provided. We made each dog go one at a time to try their food and they gobbled it up!

Don't the dogs look adorable in their Alpo bandanas?
Throughout the party everyone had the opportunity to take pictures in the little photo booth I  made. We got some of the cutest pictures!

Overall I think everyone enjoyed celebrating with their valentines. The dogs loved the Alpo snacks and getting their own Kongs to take home.
Want to have your own Alpo party? Thanks to Alpo and To Dog With Love you can win your very own party pack valued at over $250. Be sure to visit To Dog With Love and enter! 
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  1. This is awesome! Love the decorations and the photo booth. Such great ideas!