Friday, January 10, 2014

Some Agility Practice Pictures

Tonight we practiced agility with some good friends. Dobby was able to weave all six poles in a location he hadn't weaved in before(2/3 locations!). We worked hard on 'spot' at the bottom of the dog walk. He's finally getting the hang of it and has learned to stop at the end and wait for me to catch up! After competing at the NADAC trial in November I learned that I need to work on teaching Dobby to take whatever obstacle I ask him to. We practiced this by working the dog walk with a tunnel entrance right next to the beginning of the dog walk.
Dobby was sent to Doggy Jail for not listening. He didn't really like that idea!
Look at that! He would sit and wait for me to call him to the next obstacle. This is what progress looks like!
Dobby, Jack, Arlington, and Kirby playing 'How many dogs can we get on the pause table?"

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