Saturday, January 25, 2014

Puppy Cakes

In preparation for our birthday(mine)/gotcha day(his) party, Dobby and I made puppy cakes today! Puppy Cake makes dog safe cakes in a couple different varieties but we chose banana. Everything you need is right in the box- cake mix and frosting mix. All you have to do is add the water, eggs and oil!
The box states that the mix will make one six inch round cake. I used an eight inch circle pan and baked two cakes. They turned out great but both stuck to the bottom of the pan even after spraying it with cooking spray.  

My little cooking buddy got lots of samples!
While the cakes were cooling, I experimented with a filling for in between the two cakes. I came up with this peanut butter and yogurt frosting. Just mix together a bit of peanut butter and a bit of yogurt and you've got it! I decided to add a little coloring to the yogurt so the frosting would be a pretty copper color. If you want to color it, add the coloring to the yogurt and then mix with the peanut butter or else it will turn a weird color.
Once the cakes were cooled I stacked them with the peanut butter frosting and covered the top with the frosting mix from the box. The only problem with the mix is that there isn't enough to cover the cake. Improvisation time! I just threw some of the left over peanut butter frosting into a piping bag and frosted a ring around the outside of the cake. Then I slapped on some Milkbones like the fancy bakeries do. To add extra support and decoration I piped a ring around the top too.

 The final product! What do you think? You can purchase you own Puppy Cake mixes at: Make sure you refrigerate the cake or else the white frosting will crack. We'll see how the pups like it tomorrow but Dobby had already given it a pretty beg of approval.  

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