Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dobby's First NADAC Title

This past weekend we attended our second  NADAC trial. Dobby was on fire in Regulars Agility! He earned not only his first Q but three, earning his NAC title for Novice Regulars. Our practicing paid off and he was able to not only finish each course with zero faults but he was able to do it in standard course time.
Necessary picture with the awesome judge!
We were thrown a lot of curve balls involving discrimination but we didn't worry because that was exactly what we had been practicing! Dobby was able to take obstacle I asked him to. There was minimal sniffing and he nailed those weaves! We only had to retry one set in the last regulars class but the second time he got it.
I've never been so proud of this little boy! By the end of the weekend he was exhausted and walked the final course. As a reward for all of his hard work we took him to DQ and got a small cone which he got to eat half of. Boy did he want it all! He was biting at the ice cream to try and eat it faster when I was taking it away.


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