Sunday, December 22, 2013

It's Beginning to Feel Like Christmas

Yesterday Dobby and I joined our drill team to perform at a local nursing home. We were asked to perform our Christmas routine. However, we were unable to perform the routine in the space provided. We worked hard last week in order to create special routines for the space provided. Together we performed nine different routines and the residents loved them. The residents were still able to see the routine through a video that played prior to our performance.
 Dobby danced his heart out to Glee's Jingle in a routine that included many go-around Christmas trees and jumping over my back. The residents loved his ability to jump over my back, so we improvised a little to add more during the routine(talk about making it up on the spot). One resident even said, "He has more talent than any three dogs combined!"

Afterwards the dogs perform one of the most important jobs they will ever hold. They loved on and visited with the residents. Many residents commented that they loved dogs and loved being able to visit with our special canines. Dobby was happy to greet each resident and even sat in Mrs. Betty's lap for a photo at the end of the night! It's surprising to think that just a year ago he was very timid around strangers. Gives me hope for his future in therapy dog work!
Merry Christmas!

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