Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Whew! The past couple weeks have been really crazy here, so I haven't been able to give you the scoop on our first NADAC trial that took place November 16-17. First off, we want to thank our new friends from RuFF agility for the wonderful opportunity. Second, thanks to Springfield Photography for the action shots! Dobby competed in ten classes that weekend. He ran two jumpers, two tunnelers, one weavers, two regulars 1, two regulars 2, one touch and go classes. The weekend began with the dog going crazy and taking laps around the ring for the first three classes. As he began to wear down a little he performed a lot better. He ran one perfect jumpers classes with minimal sniffing in the tunnel but sadly missed qualifying by .9 seconds. We were so certain he had qualified with that run and the results were hard to hear.

On Sunday, the odds seemed to be in our favor. It rained and stormed all day so Dobby's energy was curbed. However, it may have been two curbed because he missed a perfect tunnelers course and an almost perfect weavers course due to time. He practically crawled through the tunnels for once! That delay caused him to not qualify in weavers by 2 seconds and tunnelers by 1 second. Here is the video of his weavers course:

Overall we had a great time and learned a few new things. I also had the wonderful opportunity to run my dog club leader's dog, Jack! I ran Jack in all twelve classes offered at the trial and qualified in four. Our major fault was weaving. I just need to train with him more in order to get the feel for his weaves because he knows what he's doing and I am the one who needs the training.

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