Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Girl and Her Dog

Hello all! My name is Rachel and my lovely dog is Dobby. I adopted Dobby in January of 2011 and he's been spoiled rotten ever since. He was only eight months old when I got him and had lived four of those months in the shelter. When I got him he had problems with men, especially those in hats. He would submissively pee with any quick actions near him like attempting to put a leash on him.

Since then he has made a complete 180. He loves just about everyone and everyone seems to love him too! He has taken obedience classes and now competes in Obedience, Agility, Rally and Canine Freestyle. Boy does he love to dance! Just turn on some music, grab some cheese and he's all yours.

He's competed and won a few talent competitions with the video below. While it doesn't display all of his tricks, it showcases many of his favorites. He loves to jump(even if it does lead to some trouble). Together we hope to become a therapy team and touch the lives of others. He is an advocate for our local shelter and shelter dogs around the world. Take the time to train and nurture a shelter pup and they'll make wonderful best friends!

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